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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

General Questions

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Questions

End of Cleaning Questions

General Questions

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of London and most of South East England; including Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Essex. We also cover the whole of the metropolitan Birmingham area.

Can you give me a quote over the phone or by email?

To obtain our best prices, please use our instant online quote generators (for carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning only). Alternatively, for small jobs we are able to give you an accurate price over the phone (which includes most residential jobs), provided you can supply us with sufficient details and rough measurements. For larger jobs or regular contracts we would usually recommend a free no obligation site survey, we would then prepare and send you a detailed written quotation. Alternatively we can produce a quotation using photographs and/or site plans if access is difficult or not possible.

Do you offer credit facilities?

Credit facilities are subject to status and are typically made available to government or government agencies and established businesses and organisations. We generally offer 7-14 day accounts initially or 30-60 day accounts for larger businesses and organisations. We are also happy to offer some of our regular private residential clients 7 day account facilities. We request that all other clients settle due balances immediately upon service completion or in advance if it is more convenient.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, cheques (for regular clients or businesses only), credit or debit cards, bank transfers and Pay Pal. All electronic payments from private residential clients (credit or debit cards, bank transfers and Pay Pal), must be made and received in advance of service delivery, unless you are a regular client or you have an account with us (please ask beforehand). There is a 4% surcharge for Pay Pal, credit card or debit card payments.

Do you offer any environmentally friendly cleaning options that minimise the impact on the environment in terms of waste and production?

Yes we do, we offer several eco-friendly products that have a lower environmental impact and carbon footprint than their traditional counterparts. Whilst these products are effective, they are not always well suited to heavy cleaning tasks.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Questions

Can you guarantee stain removal from my carpet?

Whilst we will endeavour to attain the best possible cleaning result, it is not always possible to remove all staining or marks from a carpet. For the vast majority of carpets we can achieve a very good result, however outcomes can vary depending on the nature of the staining and the carpet type.

Do you clean curtains?

Yes we are able to clean curtains whilst they are hanging, for deep cleaning however, your curtains will need to be taken down and cleaned offsite.

Can you clean my rugs?

In most instances yes (over 90% of rugs), but some rugs may need to be taken away for more specialist treatment, our operator can advise you when on site.

Can you clean my sofa and soft furnishings?

We can clean and freshen most fabric types subject to inspection and testing (for colourfastness). We will sometimes recommend that loose or removable coverings are machine washed or dry cleaned for a more effective result.

Can you clean our office chairs?

Yes, most upholstered office furnishings use highly cleanable fabrics and typically very good results can be obtained.

Can you clean my car upholstery and carpets?

Yes, car manufacturers typically use highly cleanable fabrics and upholstery, typically very good results can be obtained.

Do your cleaning chemicals give off harmful vapours or leave dangerous residues, I am particularly concerned about my small children and pets?

None of the products we use give off any harmful vapours or leave dangerous residues. Most of the chemicals we use are just detergents which have been specially formulated for use on carpets, they are no more harmful than other household detergents that you may find in your home.

Do you move furniture?

We will move easily movable furnishings like tables, chairs and most sofas. We move beds to one side if they are on casters and space allows. We don't move heavy or fragile items or electronic equipment like TV’s (unless they are on a stand that can be easily moved).

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Most of the water used in the cleaning process is extracted using powerful vacuum motors, however some moisture will be retained by the carpet. After cleaning, most carpet types typically take 2-4 hours to dry, but the variation can be considerable. Air flow and good ventilation will greatly speed up typical drying times, so we usually recommend opening some windows.

How long does carpet cleaning take?

All jobs vary so that we can never be precise, but as a general guide (including setup and packing away time), a one room job might take around an hour, whereas a three bedroom house might take around three hours to complete

End of Tenancy Cleaning (EOT) Questions

Will your service satisfy the requirements of my landlord and letting agent?

We offer a range of services and cleaning specifications to meet the specific need of our clients. You may need to refer your tenancy agreement or managing agent to clarify what their exact checkout expectations are. For instance, in most cases tenants are required to have the carpet professionally cleaned before moving out, but this is not always the case. Generally, our standard EOT service is suitable for more than 90% rental properties. Cleaning options are detailed in our downloadable brochure.

Can you guarantee that I will get my deposit back?

We are happy to guarantee that we will fulfil the service that you ordered and specified to a high standard, any oversights are always rectified promptly. What we cannot guarantee however is the prompt return of your deposit, that is entirely down to your landlord and managing agent - some of which can be slow in processing checkout paperwork. A small proportion of landlords and agents sometime behave in a roughish manor and may try to withhold some or all of your deposit for spurious or unjustified reasons (they clearly have a vested interest to hold onto the money). In these instances, our checkout report may assist you in resolving the situation. Ultimately, you are entitled to appeal any proposed deposit deductions to an adjudicator, our documentation can be used as supporting evidence - more than 90% of disputed cases are settled in favour of the tenant.

How long does end of tenancy cleaning take?

All jobs vary so that we can never be precise, but as a general guide, a one bedroom flat might take around five hours, whereas a three bedroom house will probably require a full working day (eight hours) to complete.

topmarkscleaningbrochure2016_17g.pdf How To Get Your Deposit Back 4.pdf top marks office cleaning brochure 2016a.pdf For more information Please download our brochures below Carpet Cleaning Brochure